The latest Kingdom Come Deliverance update weighs in at a hefty 9.9GB, meaning a long download for some.

This new KCD patch is already out on PS4 and PC, with the Xbox One certification process known to take longer.

Version 1.2 release notes aren’t very thorough when it comes to details, simply listing these as changes being made to the game:

  • Stealth and Stealth kills adjustment
  • People now get dirty more gradually
  • Additional quest bugs fixed
  • Various optimizations

Here’s how the process of patching the game works, according to developers Warhorse: “When we finish any patch we can’t just upload it and send it to you immediately.

“There is a certification phase in which platform holders check whether the patch is stable.

“This process takes various amounts of time on different platforms. This is the reason why the patches are released at different times.

“However, they check not only stability but also platform-specific requirements, for example, whether the controllers are named correctly, whether you can change user mid-gameplay etc.

“If we fail any of these platform-specific requirements, we have to upload a correction just for that specific platform. This is the reason why we are releasing a different number of patches on each platform.”

According to the game’s community managers, the Warhorse team give the Patch to Deep Silver, who are the ones that actually communicate with Microsoft.

It should also be noted that this is not the Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.3 update, which is another patch that is likely to land on PS4 and PC, before Xbox One.

“This is the patch we are currently working on,” a message from Warhorse explains.

“It hasn’t been released on any platform yet. It’s mainly focused on bug-fixing as we are studiously going through every player report, watching every stream we can and fixing all the bugs as fast as possible.

“But apart from these fixes, we are working on the following features – Which is not a guarantee of delivery in this patch:

  • Save and Exit functionality
  • Lockpicking minigame controls improvement on controllers
  • Pickpocket minigame improvement
  • Alchemy recipe for respec potion
  • Many quest related bug fixes