Lead & Gold Gangs of the Wild West, Developed by Fatshark and published by Paradox Interactive. Mainly based a multiplayer game, this game does not have a story mode. So sad

After starting it up, i first notice that the game has a “Wanted” Leaderboard for ranking players globally for the competitive players around the world. Going down the menu, there is quick match for players who want to just dive into any game mode to just get a feel. Also there is a custom selection for players who have a preferred mode or a favorite mode they are into.

This game features 6 Game modes with default settings being a 10 player max with 10 minute rounds that are Best Of 3:

  • Shootout- Teamdeath match between 2 teams
  • Conquest- Take control of waypoints in the order they are given.
  • Powderkeg- Similar to Search & Destroy, this mode calls for 1 team to take out 2 objectives, A & B, while the other team defends these targets
  • Goldfever- 1 or 2 player coop against AI enemies that attack in waves while you & your comrade play to get as much gold as possible
  • Robbery- 2 teams, one attacks and one defends, fight in a bank setting with the goal being to steal gold from a vault.. & to defend gold in a vault.
  • Greed- Essentially Capture the Flag, Greed’s objective is to steal as many gold sacks as possible & bring them back to home base. Most gold sacks win.

This game features a lot of cool mechanics that are similar to other games and compliment the game nicely. First of all, you will be shooting from Third Person. The ability to jump, climb, and grab great vantage points are essential. The ‘Down But Not Out’ feature is here for a purpose of second chance. While down, players can shoot their pistol at enemies while waiting for a teammate to come along with the revive.

The ability the melee is also incorporated into this game so get ready when an enemy is close to either give or receive.

After dying, don’t expect to be spawned from the beginning because there is a spawn on teammate feature. Especially useful to keep up your map advantage. Speaking of maps, you always have the ability to pull a map & see where your allies are in accordance to your objectives. Next to this, is your scoreboard which shows how close you are to losing or winning along with your kills & deaths to keep up with your stats. Special features inside the map include gattling guns which are free to control by players to add major advantages over certain areas of the map that your team is trying to control.

Lead & Gold has it’s own servers but also allow for players to host with heir own servers. An admin will then be able to chat with the players via a chat screen on the bottom right to issue out rules & warnings.

Now to the fun of choosing 4 separate character classes. Each class has special traits including a synergy boost that affects all teammates. They are

  • Gun Slinger – Your character wields a heavy speed reloader with great accuracy. This gun has rapid fire and is great for medium and close range combat. The synergy effect for this character increases the gun accuracy for all teammates
  • Blaster – Double Barrel Shotgun Wielding class which features a secondary weapon. Close range damage is MAX and you can’t afford to get to close to this guy. Also this class allows for a stick of dynamite that you can use however you’d life :). The synergy effect for this class increases all allie’s team defense
  • Deputy- This class wields a rifle which is better for long range ro medium combat. The ability to spot out enemies & with the synergy effect that increases damage given out by all allies really amps up your battle scheme
  • Trapper- The Sniper Recon character. Along with dealing high damage & even one hit kills from afar, this class allows for special bear traps that immobilize your enemies movements. Stop them and come in for an easy kill. The synergy effect for this class increases the chance of a critical hit.