Microsoft wants to partner with Nintendo in order to bring Super Mario to Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that Nintendo had the strongest first-party games, and that he’d love to see them on Xbox.

In an interview with AusGamers, Spencer said: “Nintendo has the strongest first-party of anybody.

“They’re just fantastic and the memories that they have instilled in so many of us, who’ve played their games and had those delightful experiences, having those on Xbox would be great.”

Perhaps with Microsoft porting Minecraft over to Wii U, Nintendo will one day return the favour.

“Obviously we have Minecraft on Nintendo and when that opportunity came up to work with them on Minecraft, you know, some people might look at it and say ‘why would you even do that?’, but with Nintendo, it’s been a great partnership on Minecraft.

“In fact they put Mario in Minecraft on Wii U with the mash-up skin pack. And continuing to work with them on that and building a stronger relationship… I mean if that paid dividends down the road that lead to something else, that would be fantastic.”