Milestone introduced in 2014 us with MXGP – the first serious motocross game in the category simulator are back this year with its successor: MXGP 2. So how does it compare and shape us this time around?

Besides the normal choices like MXGP (one race weekend), Career (full season) and Test Track, we take this time to some new modes. By Monster Energy FIM MXoN, better known by the common people as the Motocross of Nations, we can enter into the mud tracks of our favorite athletes of a selected country and with each of these compatriots a game drive to retrofit hopefully most points gleaned together and have to take the gold cup home. A nice addition to the series, as the next choice in the menu: Stage Series.

With the arrival of American hero Ryan Villopoto in the Motocross World Championship – who had a successful career in the Supercross in America – they have chosen Milestone sure to include some of that overseas spectacle to bring here. So you can race in the large indoor stadiums on the circuits that have an abundance of jumps and washboards, very different from the circuits we find in the open air.

Those familiar with the MotoGP franchise will feel right at home with MXGP 2. Both the structure of the career mode as the drive itself are like the two proverbial drops, though there is one in which some mud. It is again using the left stick on your controller to control your motorized steel steed, while the right stick is used to move the driver and, if necessary, to bring about weight transfer. In motocross course many jumps present, so moving your driver here more important. There are of course also some aid institutions of the party to make easier your life. Self-tuning your engine can of course also. This is this time not as extensive, though this is understandable due to the nature of the sport

There are some annoyances that do not contribute to the gaming experience. During a jump you can on another rider countries and this does not impact. Sometimes you have to sit a few centimeters off the track and reset your back on the track. AI rider to hit the ground coast will sometimes not even two seconds later you catch back. There are still some things. In Italy they still live exactly in a previous console era.

Although sometimes you’re flying high with your bike, this is not the case in the graphics area. But MXGP 2 looks more than decent, but sometimes what comes to static and clean about it. Different weather conditions are non-existent with the result that your driver and engine are always a little dirty at the same spots. The mud spatter never really your screen. The so-called terrain deformation – making the surface should change – is nothing more than a black line

With the sound, it is made even less. Different engines sound almost the same. The crowd also sounds monotonous and probably all had the same free horn when paying a ticket.

A solid performance this time around for MXGP2 a great improvement and enjoyable at all times.