Nintendo Switch VR support is something that clients have been seeking after and keeping in mind that there has been all sort of theory with respect to Nintendo Switch VR support, we may have quite recently discovered evidence. A Twitter client posted a few lines of code that he found in the Nintendo Switch OS and this could imply towards Nintendo Switch VR support.

This code was found by principal security consultant Cody Brocious. He trusts that this clues towards Nintendo Switch VR support yet he doesn’t know whether or not the code works at this moment. This could be something being developed which has been dropped in a past refresh.

While Nintendo Switch VR support is conceivable, given the low-determination show that the Nintendo Switch has, I don’t know that the experience will be too great. However, then again it is a compact gadget and you ought not expect excessively from it when it comes to VR support. As per Cody Brocious: