PayDay 2 is getting its 17th piece of downloadable content (DLC) this March together with a new community event called “The Hype TrainThe event is being held to gather funds from fans for the development of the game. Hype Train will complete its journey on March 13, a day before two new DLC packs come out for PayDay 2.

“The Overkill Pack” which includes a new minigun and three new mods for it, escape van skin, new rocket launcher and 10 new achievements.

The second is named “The Completely Overkill Pack” which according to Overkill “is for anyone who wants a way to support OVERKILL in developing the free Hype Train content for the community. The pack allows heisters to use four unique versions of the original PAYDAY masks. At some point in the future, a secret reward will be unlocked for all owners of the pack as well.”

Both packs are priced at $5 and $20 respectively and will be available starting March 12.

Buying each DLC will add some “Hype Fuel” which will be used to power the “Hype Train.” The train has a number of destinations to go through before reaching the final goal. Each destination will reward players with free content and a 10% XP buff.

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