THE PES 2017 demo is available now to download on the playstation store and Xbox Live. Here’s a quick look at how good the Arsenal team look on PES 2017.

Following the release of the PES 2017 demo this morning, plenty of screenshots of the full Arsenal team have appeared online.

Despite the game taking some almighty steps forward in the graphics department, as per usual the players faces are a mixed bag.

Some look really realistic and others well, less so.

To download the demo yourself and see the faces of the players first hand in the game, you’ll have to download it on either PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 to see for yourself.

Who is your no 1 choice?

There is not currently any plans for the demo to be made avaiable for the PC, with the official Pro Evolution Soccer Twitter page confirming the decision, saying: “there is no PC demo due to extra work being done on anti-cheating in that version via a particular software“.

The full game launches on September 13, which is two weeks before rival title FIFA 17 comes out on September 27.