PS Plus subscribers are gearing up for the December 2017 line-up, with Sony set to make an announcement on the upcoming selection of PS4 free games soon.

The current PS Plus line-up for November 2017 is headlined by Worms Battlegrounds and Bound.

Ahead of the PS Plus December 2017 line-up being revealed, members of PlayStation Plus Reddit have been predicting which free PS4 games are coming next.

Redditors on that subreddit have correctly predicted games that would feature in the PlayStation Plus line-ups for NINE out of the 11 months so far this year.

Despite the PS Plus November 2017 line-up having some surprise choices, Reddit users on the subreddit correctly predicted four out of the seven new games added.

For the PS Plus December 2017 line-up, Redditors have predicted a wide range of games coming to PlayStation Plus.