A new PlayStation 4 system update launched today as PS4 firmware update 4.74 is now available. If you’re looking for some additional features then you’ll be disappointed to know that it’s a pretty standard update.

Check out the full PS4 firmware update 4.74 patch notes below (but don’t be disappointed when they turn out to be rather underwhelming):

This system software update improves system performance.

Not every update is going to add massive features. The good news is that the major PS4 5.0 update is in the works and is currently in beta. Here’s what players can expect from the upcoming system update:

The PS4 5.0 update is launching today for those that got into the beta, and Sony has detailed the new features that’ll come with the firmware update. The biggest one is a family system that’ll replace the current account system on PS4. Players can now setup child accounts and attach them to a parent. Other changes include enhanced friend list management, the ability for PS4 Pro owners to stream at 1080p 60fps on Twitch, the ability to turn off messages while playing videos, a better tournament bracket viewer, and virtual surround sound on PSVR.

New additions are coming soon, you’ll just have to sit tight and wait a bit longer.