Sony have hit back at the Xbox One with their own FIFA bundle starting at £329.99

When Microsoft announced their latest price cut for the Xbox One it looked they would have the cheapest console going into Christmas, but now Sony has cut the price of the PlayStation 4 to the same amount.

The PlayStation 4 has been £349.99 since launch, so it’s not much trouble for it to drop another £20 to £329.99.

Although that’s only for one specific bundle, that’s only available from Amazon (here, if you want to tell Father Christmas about it).

The bundle is very clearly aimed at countering Micorosoft, not just because of the price but because they’re usually the ones with the special FIFA 15 deals – including previous Xbox One bundles for FIFA 14.

Sony are also keen to point out that the PlayStation 4 is already the UK’s most successful next gen console, with over one million machines sold since the launch last November.

Sony’s other promotion at the moment is that PlayStation Plus will be free to use this weekend, from today till 8am on Monday.