The next PlayStation 4 update is nearly here and will allow users to save screenshots and video clips to a USB drive. It will support HDMI video capture to a separate device by introducing an HDCP off option, Sony announced today.

Sony had promised an HDCP off option would arrive sometime after the console’s launch last November. Because the PS4 only outputs to HDMI, the presence of HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) digital rights management means PS4 users could only capture video using the share button on the PS4 controller and then uploading it to social media, or by streaming a session over Twitch.

This wasn’t an issue on the PlayStation 3, because that console could output to component cables with HDCP in place, and that signal could be captured on an external device.

Additionally, the update will add a video editor allowing users to further personalize their clips. The ability to save clips and screenshots to a USB device also will be done through the Share button on the PS4 controller. So far, the Share button outputs to a user’s Twitter feed, Facebook account, or Twitch or Ustream channel.