These semi-straightforward controllers appear to be a get back to the 1990s, where it appeared like a wide range of gaming equipment – whether it was controllers, cartridges, or consoles themselves – had a straightforward variation. There are three unique hues in this new line of controllers – standard precious stone (which is fundamentally quite recently white), blue, and red.

You’ll need to go to an alternate store for each. On the off chance that you need the standard precious stone controller, your option is GameStop. Blue crystal, then again, is selective to Walmart, while red precious stone is just accessible, best case scenario Buy. Pre-orders are open now from an optimistic standpoint Buy, however it appears that Walmart’s pre-arrange page isn’t up and running at this time.

These controllers are somewhat more costly than their standard partners, with a sticker price of $64.99. That is $5 more costly than a standard DualShock 4, so while that isn’t too terrible, despite everything you’re paying a premium to take one home. It ought to be noticed that these are “new” DualShock 4 controllers, implying that they’re the variant that propelled with the PlayStation 4 Slim a year ago.

Sony doesn’t specify whether these are restricted release controllers, yet considering GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart are putting forth pre-orders for them, we’re speculating they may be. In view of that, you might need to put money down on one now in the event that you definitely know you need it. Every one of the three dispatch in the not so distant future, with GameStop giving a date of September 30.

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