Launching next week, the PSVR could prove to be an important new platform for Sony in more ways than just gaming.

While the new PlayStation device has come in for mixed PSVR reviews so far, it appears that the tech giant are hoping to provide new non-gaming apps that will help expand the device’s desirability.

SIE Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden has confirmed that the PSVR will receive new content positioned away from gaming, while also hinting at Sony’s future plans.

Speaking to IGN, Layden explains: “You probably won’t see that coming from our Worldwide Studios, because that’s not what we do. We do games… but there’s a lot of interest from the film and television arts community.

“Our sisters at Sony Pictures Entertainment have a whole team spun up around VR and we’ve talked to Sony Music as well.”

It appears to point to some pretty lofty ambitions on Sony’s part, although it remains to be seen what kind of support will be provided by third-party partners.

Having played it extensively ahead of its October 13 release date, Express Online can confirm that PlayStation VR is the year’s must-have gadget.

In fact, it’s the most exciting thing to happen to gaming since Mario left the plumbing game to rescue princesses.

PlayStation VR isn’t here to replace the traditional couch and controller gaming experience, and it’s not necessarily the sort of thing you’d play when you just want to veg out and kill some time – even though the installation process is relatively quick and pain-free.

There are some forgettable and throwaway experiences that you’ll probably never revisit, and a few that might actually make you feel a bit queasy.

But the key point about PlayStation VR is that when it’s good, there’s nothing else quite like it.