Siberia. The phrase itself has turn out to be shorthand for intense struggling. There’s a motive that even the mere risk of being shipped to this distant, bitterly inhospitable area beneath Stalin despatched worry by each Russian… and it wasn’t simply due to the salt mines.

However Siberia may also be a picturesque place – one of the distant, serene locations on Earth. Hazard is at all times only a step away, although, even with mountains worthy of a postcard serving as a backdrop.

Lara Croft, nonetheless, isn’t one to shrink back from hazard – and that’s significantly true in her newest journey, Rise of the Tomb Raider, which sees her set off for Siberia in search of legendary wonders of the traditional world as soon as once more. With that in thoughts, listed below are just some of the risks that Lara faces on this endlessly hostile surroundings, and what she will be able to do to outlive them. In 2013’s Tomb Raider, Lara was reacting to the hazard that surrounded her. Right here, she’ll have to plan forward to turn out to be the grasp of her area.

Coming Down the Mountain

Anybody with the job title of “tomb raider” has obtained to anticipate sure occupational hazards… however in Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft’s issues begin from the second she commences her journey – earlier than she will be able to even start it in earnest, actually. On her method to uncover the legendary misplaced Russian metropolis of Kitezh, she’s separated from her touring companion, Jonah, in a large avalanche.

But when we’ve discovered one factor about Lara Croft throughout her twenty years of starring online game roles, it’s that she will be able to deal with a little bit bother on her personal simply fantastic. She could also be bruised, battered, and crushed after the avalanche, however she’s alive – and a wounded Lara simply may be probably the most harmful animal of all.

To Construct a Fireplace

Simply because Lara’s escaped an avalanche doesn’t imply she’s out of the woods, although – figuratively and actually. If she doesn’t get a campfire going in brief order, she’ll find yourself like Ötzi the Iceman and found 5,000 years from now when the ice and snow lastly thaw! Lara’s the one who discovers historic artifacts, although – she doesn’t need to turn out to be one herself.

To that finish, she’ll want to trace down any and all supplies which may assist get a wholesome blaze going. After the avalanche, nonetheless, she’s misplaced all her survival gear… so she has to get it carried out with solely a pickax. Fortunately, there must be sufficient within the space to get a fireplace roaring… if Lara’s resourceful sufficient. Even one thing as innocuous as a tree department simply would possibly do the trick. Base camps function Lara’s lifeline all through Siberia, so she has to repeat this course of as she ventures into much more distant areas.

Beasts of the Siberian Wild

As soon as she’s heat and toasty, you’d suppose Lara could be good to go, proper? Effectively, aside from the truth that fires have a tendency to draw animals, and Siberia is teeming with them – very giant ones, actually – at each flip. Lara should outwit and out-muscle some intimidating beasties, together with wolves (which roam in packs, naturally). She would possibly come face-to-face with a bear, through which case discretion may be the higher a part of valor. There’s even the possibility that she may go toe-to-toe with a leopard. That’s proper: These large noticed cats don’t simply name Africa and Southeast Asia dwelling, and Lara learns the truth of that reality first-hand.

Stealth is now a a lot bigger a part of the Tomb Raider expertise, although, and it’s an efficient weapon in opposition to wildlife – and one of many solely actual choices early on. Lara may even climb timber to shake the enemy off her path now. What’s extra, the sorts of animals Lara encounters will change relying on the time of day, so she’ll want to plot methods relying on whether or not the solar is out or if she’s adventuring by moonlight.

A Craftier Croft

Fortunately, Lara has one highly effective trick up her sleeve that may even the chances in opposition to all Siberian creatures nice and small: Rise of the Tomb Raider’s enhanced, expanded crafting system. Even a death-defying adventurer like Lara Croft isn’t any match for a gargantuan brown bear in a one-on-one brawl, however what if she’s packing poison-tipped arrows? Venturing out into the wild and looking less-intimidating beasts – similar to deer – may even the chances as effectively, since antlers may also help craft a extra highly effective bow that ought to serve properly in opposition to a few of Siberia’s extra menacing, teeth-baring foes.

After all, these aren’t the one instruments of survival Lara has at her disposal. Did we point out that she will be able to even study new languages? There’s loads extra to find as gamers embark on Lara Croft’s deadliest journey but, Rise of the Tomb Raider – now accessible solely on Xbox One and Xbox 360.