Rock Band 4″ is due for release at the end of this year and it seems that demand is very high.

Steve Janiak, CEO of game developer Harmonix, revealed to IGN recently that “demand from both retailers and consumers for product has exceeded their expectations.”

He admitted that there might actually be a shortage of “Rock Band 4” peripherals, which is being taken care of by Harmonix’s collaborator, Mad Catz, due to the insane amount of demand they received.

“While we’ll do everything we can to meet demand, the realities of manufacturing and getting hardware on shelves means that we can’t guarantee hardware for everyone on day one without a pre-order,” Janiak revealed. “For those looking for new instruments, pre-ordering ahead of launch will guarantee that you’ll be able to start a band and rock the world with your family and friends this holiday season.”

Janiak encourages gamers who want to get into some rocking business with “Rock Band 4” as soon as the holidays kick in to sign up for pre-order alerts to be able to secure their very own guitars, drums and microphones once these become available.

Harmonix has no way of knowing how long it will take for them to bulk up their supply to meet the overwhelming demand for the game. Janiak did not reveal what sales type they expect but it is believed that when hardware for the game is released, it will be sold out.

Meanwhile, Harmonix is also working on making “Rock Band 4” compatible with the PS3 and Xbox 360. The task, the CEO revealed, is “tough” because the implementation is not all theirs to control.