Sony has released a new 4K trailer for the highly-anticipated Gran Turismo Sport, featuring a glimpse at new cars and improved graphics.

The teaser, unveiled at the annual PlayStation Experience event, reveals the racing game running at 4K resolution with HDR features enabled, which is only possible on the new PlayStation 4 Pro console.

Gran Turismo Sport boasts a roster of 140 cars, each offering highly detailed interiors and improved engine sounds. The mix of road and racing cars, includes the Jaguar F-Type and Audi R18 Le Mans prototype, as well as a host of Vision GT concept cars.

While the list may be significantly smaller than the 1,200 cars of its predecessor, the new Gran Turismo Sport is tailored towards competitive online motorsport rather than collecting metal. Players will be able to compete in two championships certified by motorsport governing body, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

The increase in video quality means sharp edges are noticeably reduced, while the HDR effects give a more lifelike feel to paintwork and landscapes.

Another first for the Gran Turismo franchise is the ability to edit car liveries, a feature on its rival Forza Motorsport since its launch in 2005. Players will be able to create their own look for their cars, or replicate the iconic designs of motorsport heroes.

There’s still no release date for Gran Turismo Sport, but Sony said it will launch sometime in 2017 for PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles.