The PlayStation TV has been reduced already with access to Vita games, streaming PS3 favorites, and in-home PS4 mirroring to a second TV. But limitations in all respects ended up diminishing the tiny box’s appeal.

Now, just four months after its November release, Sony has acknowledged its slow embrace by the gaming public by dropping its price down to £45 in the UK – that’s £40 off the original price, and darn close to being half off. Sadly, it still doesn’t come with a controller, so you’ll need a PS3 or PS4 gamepad handy.

Is it worth the price now? Well, that depends. Is your home hard-wired for Internet? If so, it’s definitely a lot more appealing, as you’ll be able to use Remote Play with a PlayStation 4 elsewhere in the home, or tap into PlayStation Now to stream PS3 games via the cloud. On a wireless connection, the quality can suffer significantly on both counts.

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