The current build of Star Wars: Battlefront runs at 900p on PS4. Some gamers are surprised that it hasn’t hit the magic 1080p mark that most other AAA titles are managing on the platform. But that’s a better situation than in the case of the Xbox One which runs at 720p, resulting in really blurry edges and unsatisfactory image quality.

To make matters worse, Xbox One gamers have complained about rubber-banding and disconnection issues. These network-oriented problems are atypical of Xbox online gaming. It’s almost as if the Xbox version, which will have to compete with a multi-million dollar PlayStation marketing campaign that pushes a Star Wars PS4 bundle, was deliberately not given its rightful attention due to the allure of Sony’s marketing agreement.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 19, with the open beta kicking off on all platforms later today.