Xbox One owners will be the first to play the new Star Wars game, presumably via EA Access, as this weekend’s gameplay reveal is teased.

It’s not entirely clear what Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg means in the tweet below, after he was asked the already vague question of if he was ‘ready’ for Star Wars: Battlefront.

There’s still almost nothing of the Battlefield spin-off that has been seen in public, but EA are gearing up for a major reveal at the Star Wars Celebration event in California this weekend.

The footage will be revealed at the UK-unfriendly time of 6:30pm on Friday, and EA has already been posting images on Instagram to tease its arrival.

Although they’re not much of a tease, as all most of them show are various bits of a stormtrooper’s uniform. Although it is slightly notable that it’s the old school stormtrooper outfit form the original trilogy, and not a clonetrooper from the prequels or the new version from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.