Curve Studio’s award-winning stealth-em-up, Stealth Inc is out today for the first time on a next-gen console in the luxurious form of the Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition, bundling in the original title plus two large DLC expansion packs, ‘The Lost Clones’ and ‘The Teleporter Chambers’ which represent some of the games best and most difficult levels ever crated.

Developed in-house by Curve Studios and published by indie game publisher Curve Digital, Stealth Inc began life as a freeware PC game created by Jonathan ‘Bidds’ Biddle in this lunchtimes. Since then, Biddle and the team of talented level designers at Curve have been improving and expanding the game, and the Ultimate Edition represents the result of years of tweaking, new content, multiple improvements to graphics and controls and, of course, a great deal of hard work from the team.

Running at a full 60 FPS and featuring 120 levels and nearly double the amount of achievements from the original title, the Ultimate Edition represents the best way for PlayStation fans who never had a chance to pick up the original to play one of the most speedy, brutal and downright cynical platformers ever created.

Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition is available only on the PlayStation 4 and is priced at £10.49 / $14.99 / €12.99. It is out on March 18th in America and other SCEA territories, and releases on March 19th in Europe and Australia. A Sony Asia release will follow shortly after.

Curve Digital Managing Director, Jason Perkins, said: “We’ve been working with Sony for many years now, and it’s great to be able to make Stealth Inc available as a PlayStation 4 title. If you’ve never picked up Stealth before, now you have absolutely no excuse!

Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition is available as a digital download exclusively from the PSN store.