The PS4 Pro was announced earlier this week, bringing 4K and HDR capability to games on the console. While future PS4 games will come with those capabilities built-in, pre-existing games would require a patch for optimal performance.

Japanese website Game Impress Watch reportedly spoke with Sony Interactive Entertainment exec Masayasu Ito who was asked if those patches will cost extra. He responded: “It will be different for each title. I believe it will depend on the thinking of each licensee.” Pressed to know if Sony’s first-party titles (like “Uncharted 4”) would cost he said: “I think it will vary for each one of our titles.”

Now a representative for Sony tells Polygon the company “will not charge consumers for patches.” At the same time Jack Sipich, founder of developer Absinthe Games, said in a NeoGAF post that developers “are not allowed to charge you for patches or [PS4 Pro] feature updates.”

Meanwhile “Rise of the Tomb Raider” developer Crystal Dynamics has revealed to VG247 potentially how the new system will work with games. Speaking after the PS4 Pro reveal, the developer indicated that playing ‘Rise’ on PS4 Pro with the patch will give users three potential graphical options – 4K/30fps; 1080p/60fps; 1080p/30fps + Enhanced Visuals.

The PS4 Pro goes on sale November 10th.