Wolfenstein: The New Order was one of our favourite FPS of last year, Now, a year after being released the game gets its expansion standalone. under the name The Old Blood. Originally it was planned that two expansions but would eventually join both contained in the same and this is the result.

The Old Blood is true to the style and formula that we saw in The New Order. That is, the game episodes divided by a total of 8 and two sides of the story. In the first part called Rudi Jager and the Den of Wolves have to go a long way to get to Castle Wolfenstein and explore its interior to reach Rudi Jager as an enemy and second in command of Helga. The second part is The Dark Secrets of Helga von Schabbs, here you’ll have to explore the city of Wolfsburg to find the villain par excellence.

Important to consider that this expansion is a prequel to the events in The New Order, therefore he stands during World War II to the mid of the 40 to be precise in 1946 and the goal of BJ Blazcowics – hero forever will find documents containing information from experiments that the Nazis and Helga have been undertaken to create almost invincible soldiers. Classic.

Obviously, as you might expect, this title includes many references to events and paranormal activity that has always been part of the games of the series. In fact, it is a great tribute to those classic games that came out for decades. Each mission is a frenzy of feelings and experiences, but there is nothing as great as explore Castle Wolfenstein located in the German Alps. Getting here will not be easy, nor leave and certainly the work done in this aspect is brilliant. Shootings cable cars, aboard boats, inside and outside the castle, everything you can imagine what you have The Old Blood.

In the second part of the expansion we will see a more edged to exploring the streets of Wulfburg experience. Likewise you can expect much combat enemies of all kinds and the game will increase in difficulty, but if you feel that is too much for you, you can always modify it at any time.

As in The New Order, BJ is armed to the teeth. The weapon wheel back and can carry more than 5 weapons at the same time and both hands for an all Rambo when the situation warrants. Although personally, I’m a big fan of the gun with a silencer. I challenge you to spend most of the game’s enemies shot in the head quietly. It is a challenge!

The perks system is also the same as we saw in The New Order. With this, the character can improve in different areas of combat that would make you a more lethal and resistant tough soldier when bullets are made. Whereas it is a “new” game, the study found some new weapons and soldiers on experience. Input we have something called “pipe”, which is like a metal tube which besides help you climb walls (something new also) will be a lethal weapon if you use it against enemies to surprise him in the back and even dogs and any enemy. Great contribution this tool of combat. Powered rifles and rocket launchers also join the party of weapons in this prequel. In the case of the enemy, we will see new faces; some of them more difficult to kill than others and weaknesses to consider when combat.

Now to the game experience. The Old Blood follows the same gameplay that The New Order. That is, there are several missions in closed and open places with the aim of moving to a new chapter. However, here we see a bit wider scenarios, allowing a greater degree of exploration and especially more options in addressing a mission. Either action or stealth, there are more paths to take.

The same is true of the scenes, especially inside the Castle Wolfenstein that pays a great tribute to the original games and its design in each of its areas is really good.

The controls feel better than ever. The weapons, the sound, the effect of fire and voices in German have a great job. The same is true of the scenes, especially inside the Castle Wolfenstein that pays a great tribute to the original games and its design in each of its areas is really good.

The same is true of the city with the exception that I think they stayed here a little short. One thing that should be noted is that the introduction of Nazi zombies is like a scene from a film class B; but we are talking about something that is well made and fits well with this alternate history of the war of Germans and Americans.

Graphically the game looks great. Surely the faces of the characters and NPC are very good. But small details of textures on stages and erratic behavior of artificial intelligence at times make it the only complaint I have this expansion.

The Old Blood is a great experience for fans of the old school and also for those who are looking for a game that challenges your skills because in high modalities will make your fingers bleed. While the story is a premise of the most recent game, the truth is that the argument is not as strong as he has will not be a reason to play it. In fact the opposite is true but this expansion is conspicuous by other elements to offer such as the stage and hours of play and old school shootings that have a price of almost $ 20. Not bad.

The Old Blood is 100% fan service. We already know and have classic moments from every game. If you want to complete the most of this expansion you will have to find secret areas, get all the items and you can even play the classic Wolfenstein 3D in some of the beds that you find throughout the game.

While The Old Blood may have offered a couple of hours longer and a more solid argument, we should not put aside it’s a great expansion. Totally worth and improved and polished details the study after The New Order for the delivery note. I recommend that you download right now!