Xbox One White Edition found on Ebay….

The exclusive Day One Edition Xbox One white models that had been gifted to Microsoft employees ahead of the public launch of the Xbox One in November 2013 have found their way to eBay.

Ten of the exclusive white Xbox Ones are being sold on eBay by nine different sellers, with prices starting from $1,800 up. The most expensive listing is an exorbitant $3,566, seven times the commercial price of the regular Xbox One, which is $500.

The bundle comes with one year of Xbox Live, a white controller and black Kinect sensor. What makes the game even more special is the front of the console, which reads, “I Made This,” recognizing the efforts of the Microsoft employees. In fact, a description of the consoles states that the white Xbox One is not being retailed and they were presented to employees of Microsoft who had worked on them.

Unfortunately, the employees seem to value money more than recognition. When the collectible had been distributed to the employees, there had been many requests to Microsoft to market the white version. However, the firm had not paid heed to the requests.

What amounted to a loss for the firm is a gain for these enterprising employees, as there is a demand for these exclusive consoles. Last November, a console was sold by Marc Whitten for $3,300. Following Whitten, the director of programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, Lawrence Hryb (also known as Major Nelson), decided to auction off his white Xbox One. His console sold for $11,300!