As an exclusive deal for the PlayStation European store, if you purchase Journey for PlayStation 4 in the first week of launch, you’ll receive this beautiful Journey static theme for free. PlayStation Plus members also get a 20% off discount.

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Additionally, we are Playstation are releasing a very elegant Journey dynamic theme to bring your PlayStation 4 dashboard to the ruins and sands of this beautiful universe.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Journey Remote Play

With Remote Play, you can effortlessly stream your PS4 games over Wi-Fi and play them on the PS Vita system’s crystal-clear touchscreen. So whether you’re deep into a single player story mode or hooked on online multiplayer missions, your PS Vita gives you the freedom to play PS4 games whenever you want, regardless of who is in charge of the TV remote control.

Here you can see how you can enjoy Journey and it’s stunning visuals on PS Vita’s crystal-clear 5″ screen on Remote Play.

the transition is seamless and easy – you never have to stop playing. Enjoy!


Journey Collector’s Edition PS4 release

The PS4 Collector’s Edition of Journey, featuring thatgamecompany’s two equally original titles Flower & flOw, will also be available to purchase digitally from the PlayStation Store or on blu-ray disc from September 30th.