As a huge fan of Star Wars and with Star Wars Battlefront coming to Xbox One and PS4, this November 17, an engineer called Edward Zarick of Ed’s Junk, who specializes in gaming console modifications has created something just dam awesome. Ed has applied his special brand of mad-genius to a PS4 Playbook, and created a Star Wars themed — R2-D2 — customization.

According to Edward, the console actually talks like R2, and has all the bells and whistles that everyone’s favorite astromech should have.

“This system has real scaled down R2 parts installed everywhere!  It even has the red/blue light on the front that changes randomly while its on! And with the help of a Adafruit WAVEShield, I was able to have this little guy actually talk.”

Zarick credits for the sound effects and 3D printable parts that he used on this system. The engineer sells his work as well, which you can get in touch with him on on his website EdsJunk.