The waiting for “Until Dawn” has come to an end as the survival horror adventure game developed by Supermassive games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment was launched last Aug. 25, 2015.

Before the launch, Sony had made an announcement regarding the pre-load for “Until Dawn.” It had become available for those who had pre-ordered the digital copy of the game, as reported by Gamepur. Through the pre-load, gamers now had a copy of the game that would be ready for play as soon as it would be released on the HDD. The source also added that the pre-load was a great option for gamers since they no longer needed to wait for the massive download to successfully end. The game also requires 46Gb of installation space which means the digital will come in the same size.

Another detail about the game was also released before the launch. This time, the spoiler talked about the playing time that gamers would go through for the first go around. According to Gamereactor, Supermassive Creative Director Will Byles divulged that the players can expect a run time of nine hours for the first play-through.

But players do not need to be intimated with the game’s estimated length. Supermassive stated that the title comes with hundreds of endings and the design allows players to go through the game multiple times with the use of the “Butterfly Effect.” The game hinders players from restarting to change their preferences, especially since they can have cumbersome consequences later on and will influence other characters’ destiny.

Unfortunately, when the game was released, there were some issues. Some players who had pre-ordered the game found that they couldn’t get it to run. However, Sony is now working towards a solution for the problem and released a set of instructions for gamers to use as a temporary workaround.

The PS4 exclusive “Until Dawn” is deemed to be one of the creepiest games released in recent past. The game features performances from a Hollywood cast including Hayden Panettiere and Peter Stormare.