The 1TB Ultimate Player Edition of the PlayStation 4 will be available in the UK from July 15, priced at £349.99.

For a limited time only, and at participating retailers, this model of the console will also be bundled with PlayStation TV, which allows users to stream content from the console to a second screen.

Sony first announced the 1TB model in June, when it said the model will allow owners to “download more of the games you love to your PS4, extend your play with more great add-on content and save, and share even more of your best gaming highlights.”

This version of the console is a new quieter and more power-efficient model than previous models Sony has released. A PS4 hardware teardown has revealed model CUH-12000 features a smaller motherboard with a new GDDR5 memory configuration.

Other changes introduced in the new PS4 model include a new Blu-ray drive design, a new HDMI controller, and a new power supply, which is 80g lighter than the previous one and has a lower energy output.